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Tahoe License Plates Fund Hiking and Biking Trails and Watershed Restoration Projects

If riding here is as important to you as breathing (no matter how tough that is pedaling at 7,000 feet). If these Tahoe views clear your head and soothe your soul, then you might be True Blue. But to make it official, you’ll have to purchase or renew a Lake Tahoe license plate. Like a perfect stroke of the pedal, this modest commitment will go full circle to help fund hiking and biking trails and watershed restoration projects. In fact, 96% of your fee will go directly to those projects.

New Tahoe License Plate fees benefiting the Tahoe Basin are $50 in California and $61 in Nevada. The annual renewal fee is $40 in California and $30 in Nevada. Personalized plates are also available for additional fees.  All fees go directly to the California Tahoe Conservancy and the Nevada Division of State Lands.

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The quickest and easiest way to order a California “Lake Tahoe” license plate is online! Read more…


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You can help protect Lake Tahoe by purchasing a Nevada license plate.  Read more…


Ordering a CA or NV Tahoe license plate doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer any question you may have regarding ordering your plate today. Read more…