Tahoe License Plates


Put Your License Plate Fees to Work for Tahoe

Nevada and California Lake Tahoe license plates benefit conservation and recreation projects in the basin. On behalf of the California Tahoe Conservancy, the Tahoe Fund coordinated the very successful Plates for Powder winter license program, running from November 3, 2014 until April 1, 2015.

Show off your love and support of protecting Lake Tahoe by ordering your California or Nevada Lake Tahoe License Plate. Over 96% of the funds from purchase and renewal fees for Lake Tahoe License plates are used to build, maintain and protect the trails, water quality, wildlife and forest health of the Lake Tahoe basin.

New Tahoe License Plate fees benefitting the Tahoe Basin are $50 in California and $61 in Nevada. The annual renewal fee is $40 in California and $30 in Nevada. Personalized plates are also available for additional fees.

To learn more about how your support helps keep Tahoe beautiful or to learn about specific conservationrecreation and education projects, visit the California Tahoe Conservancy and the Nevada Division of State Lands.

For specific questions or to find out more ways you can help, contact the Tahoe Fund.