Our Partners

The Tahoe Fund was launched in partnership with the California Tahoe Conservancy and the Nevada Division of State Lands.

California Tahoe Conservancy

The California Tahoe Conservancy was created in 1984 to restore and sustain a balance between the natural and the human environment and between public and private uses at Lake Tahoe.

Since that time, the Conservancy has acquired more than 4,800 parcels of land, comprising over 6,500 acres, for the purpose of protecting the natural environment and promoting public recreation and lake access. The Conservancy manages and implements projects on these lands.

The Conservancy has also provided approximately 170 grants to local governments and non-profit organizations for erosion control, public recreation and access, land acquisition, and other projects.

In all, the Conservancy has funded the construction of hundreds of site improvement projects, and has played a major role in the restoration of significant wetland areas and the reduction of fuel hazards within the Basin. Through July 2010, these activities total over $385 million.

Nevada Division of State Lands – Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

The Division of State Lands manages public land and provides land use planning services to the State of Nevada, its agencies and its people. The Division has four program areas: The State Land Office, the Nevada Tahoe Resource Team, the State Land Use Planning Agency, and the Question 1 Program. It also administers other special programs as well as provides staff assistance to the Nevada Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the State Land Use Planning Advisory Council.

Preserving, protecting and enhancing these wonders is the responsibility of the more than 900 employees of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Through their dedication and professionalism, Nevada continues to be one of the wealthiest states in the nation in terms of natural resources.