Our Mission & Vision


The Tahoe Fund will improve the extraordinary natural environment of the Lake Tahoe Basin by building broad support and funding for projects and programs that restore and enhance the Lake for the enjoyment of current and future generations.


The Tahoe Fund will ensure a Lake Tahoe where the natural and human environments are in balance and people enjoy, cherish and support this mountain treasure.

You can help restore and improve the Tahoe environment

Truly one of nature’s great masterpieces, Lake Tahoe provides an unlimited supply of recreational pursuits and long-lasting moments to cherish. We realize a jewel of this kind requires attention and care to ensure it is always here for generations to enjoy.

The Tahoe Fund, a nonprofit organization incorporated in both California and Nevada, was created in 2010 to enhance the extraordinary environment of the Lake Tahoe Basin by building broad support and funding for environmental improvement projects that will help restore lake clarity, improve outdoor recreation, and build a strong sense of stewardship.

The organization represents many interests within the Tahoe Basin, with a board of directors comprised of leaders from California and Nevada, North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe, public and private organizations, and environmentalists and the business sector. The Tahoe Fund provides a common vision from which to build a sustainable future for this irreplaceable resource and for those who cherish and enjoy this mountain landscape.

Creating a sustainable Lake Tahoe

A number of critical environmental improvement projects have been identified by various agencies in Tahoe. But there is a gap between the existing environmental needs and the available funding for these essential projects. The Tahoe Fund’s goal is to fill some of this gap while acting as leverage for additional public funding from our federal and state partners.

Environmental Projects

Our generous donors help ensure the successful completion of critical environmental improvement projects that restore the Lake’s famed clarity, improve and expand outdoor recreation, and educate the public on how to better care for our environment. Tahoe Fund donors have supported the following projects since 2011:

  •  Van Sickle Bi-State Park – the country’s first bi-state park provides a new recreational opportunity just steps from the casino corridor in South Lake Tahoe
  • Lakeside Bike Trail – a mile long section of trail that opens the lakefront of Tahoe City to bikers and pedestrians
  • UC Davis State of the Lake Report – the annual report that measure the impact of environmental improvement projects
  • Blackwood Creek/Eagle Rock Trail – the restoration of one of the largest sourced of fine sediment flowing into the Lake, in addition to a new trail to the top of the spectacular Eagle Rock
  • Incline/3rd Creek – the restoration of Nevada’s largest source of fine sediment flow into the Lake
  • Rabe Meadow Bike Trail – a mile section of bike trail that leads from the casino corridor in South Lake Tahoe to the East Shore of Tahoe
  • Emerald Bay Asian Clam Control – elimination and control os Asian clams in the mouth of Emerald Bay
  • Sand Harbor Beach Improvements – reconstruction of beach access to solve erosion issues and improve ADA access to the Lake
  • West Shore Bike Trail – a mile section of bike trail that fills a gap in the current trail system and creates 20 miles of continuous Class A trails from West Shore to Tahoe City and Squaw
  • Angora Creek Bridge Replacement – a proper bridge over the newly restored Angora Creek to limit bank erosion and improve recreation through the Washoe Meadow State Park
  • Tahoe In Depth – A regional newspaper that is dedicated to reporting on the latest environmental news in the Tahoe Basin.
  • Take Care – A new regional campaign to improve the level of environmental stewardship in the Tahoe Region.

The only thing that runs deeper than Tahoe is our desire to preserve it all. We thank you for sharing our passion and joining our efforts.